To know the environment is to know the system

IS implementations succeed when the people responsible for the system understand what the scientists are trying to achieve.

With their combination of sympathy for the workflows and understanding of the challenges that scientists face, Scimcon’s technical specialists are a welcome change.

All our technical specialists know that the system must accommodate the constraints or the flexibility inherent in your work. Their instinct is to find a configuration that meets regulatory requirements, but remains practical for the people who work there.

Working with a common frame of reference

Although rich in lab experience, all our people are trained by the vendors in the details of implementing the software.

With a clear understanding of the capabilities of the software and the needs of the lab, they are uniquely able to translate requirements into the technical language required by implementers.

For more information, please contact one of the Scimcon team today

+44 (1638) 661 631

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