There’s a big difference between making things happen, and making things work.

However well defined your requirements may be, it takes more than efficient management of a software project to ensure it results in your needs being met.

Of course you want to ensure your project goes live on time, at a predicted cost and to the specification you have agreed, but technology projects are complex and in depth experience increases the chance of  success.

Our people go beyond project management, to provide real leadership.

Scimcon’s project leads have in-depth experience on a range of technology projects mainly in the life sciences arena. They know that getting a system to work well is not simply making a list of requirements and giving it to the vendor.

Whether leading a project for a vendor or for the customer, they add more value through their understanding of the realities faced by the range of users. Through user workshops, we challenge requirements to uncover insights that illuminate potential opportunities to improve the system.

We use a variety of methods to interrogate assumptions, opinions and experiences to gain a clear understanding of needs – as they are now and are likely to be in the system’s lifetime.

From that point we work up models to illustrate how the system will work, going through several iterations to refine ideas well before attempting any configuration.

The insights we gather help us to refine technical solutions, then stretch the ideas to improve the long term value of the implemented system.

Success is a system that gets used

Achieving a live date within budget and to an agreed scope is to succeed in project management. But the true measure of success lies in the utility of the live system.

To be successful in those terms, systems must be adaptable to the live environment and to its different users. Very often that requires an inherent flexibility on the part of the system’s designers and implementers.

As project leads, we aim to design enough of the system at the outset to have a clear direction, but not so rigidly to be unable to fine-tune following live demonstrations and road testing.

Being able to accommodate change, project leaders ensure that each aspect of a project is carefully fitted to the needs of its users, supported by them, and delivers long-term value for you.

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