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If you’re looking for consultants whose first language is that of Minimum Viable Products, black belt SCRUM masters or Agile Sprints, then Scimcon might not be for you.

It’s not that we don’t recognise such consultant-speak, but we prefer to let the project lead the conversation. 

What does get us talking is digging deep into the challenges you face, understanding the nuances, then finding the best way to interpret requirements to the technology team, the business specialists or the wider user community.

Scimcon’s people are some of the very best business-to-technology translators. They are pragmatic, have in depth experience and really understand your environment; they also know the possibilities and the limits of the technology.

Process, what process?

The companies we work with are rarely doing ‘standard’ science, so how would a standard approach help them?

While it would be much simpler to offer a template process, it would fail to capture the subtleties of different environments and likely to produce mediocre results at best.

While it’s true to say we employ techniques refined over the last twenty years, it’s our experience, active listening and creativity that make up the essence of our approach.

Ask the right questions of the right people the best way

While technology encompasses most projects we work on, we see them primarily as people-centric endeavours.

Working with a team of stakeholders, including business experts, IT representatives and solution vendors, understanding what each needs and building trust amongst the group is central to success.

That holds true throughout every stage of a project: business case creation, requirements definition, product or vendor selection, implementation, user acceptance and go live cut over.

It is interaction with the team that drives the project forwards. Get the right people together, ask right the questions in the best way and your project will be successful.

Just enough complexity to perform

The more complex a system becomes, whether by standard configuration or customisation, the harder it will be to maintain, update and keep relevant to your business.

But some complexity is inevitable, even desirable.

We aim to balance the benefits of complex solutions, where needed, while explaining the impact where simpler approaches are justified.

The outcome we strive for is a system that is just complex enough to deliver the business needs.

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