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Information Systems consulting for lab based or clinically driven life sciences companies.

Integrating tools and workflows to aid scientists and improve outcomes

Supporting labs through technology change projects

We assist with individual information systems tasks, like LIMS, ELN, CDS and instrument integration, we help redefine lab IS strategy, and we support the ‘lab of the future’ with digital transformation projects.

Our expertise and support covers the complete lifecycle: business case creation, requirements definition, vendor selection, solution design, implementation and validation.

Our insight, experience and approach simplifies complex projects hastening delivery and improving outcomes.

Leading improvements in clinical trials data reporting and management

We bring expertise to handle complete ePRO systems design, implementation and management. Our support includes system design and SOPs, testing procedures, and roll-out.

We help you design and develop replicable approaches to clinical trials data collection using the most effective software and hardware technologies, allied to robust processes and management.

Our approach can revolutionise the accuracy and effectiveness of trial information, uniting stakeholders (sponsors, vendors, clinicians, and trial subjects) and delivering benefits for all.

Unconventional thinking and breakthrough ideas

The core of our approach is partnership—we dig deep into the challenges you face to build understanding, interpreting requirements and translating the business needs into realistic technology solutions.

As outsiders, we’re able to see things differently. We’re ready to challenge established processes, to uncover the real issues and seek the ideal solutions to problems.

We don’t offer a template process, but align our approach to meet the needs of your organisation and your people. While technology might provide the solution, the real aim is to enable your people to work better, smarter, and more productively.

The chemistry of Scimcon

We all want to make more time for scientists

We’re scientists first, and what drives us is finding ways to improve the environment in which your scientists work. 

We use our knowledge of IS to help you get the most from different technology options and ensure your needs are met by vendors.

Combining industry knowledge with technology expertise, we aim to make your work more effective and increase the impact your scientists have on the organisation. 

Niche consultancy, natural fit

Fewer, but more focussed people.

SCIMCON consultants are at their best when deployed on complex projects requiring deep domain knowledge.

We use that expertise to guide the project or to lead your teams where we’re building the solution together.

The right people for the job

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