ISO 17025

A check-box approach may win accreditation, but will not produce lasting business benefit

While getting ISO17025 accreditation may seem like an end in itself, the true value is broader and has more commercial benefit.

Achieving a recognised quality standard can be done in two ways. On the surface, all it requires is to take the guidelines, produce some documentation, issue new instructions to your lab and ensure everyone follows them.

But real achievement is a more efficient quality system that supports your business.

Our approach delivers real benefits

We begin by asking how a more efficient and professional approach to quality processes might genuinely support your business objectives.

We also take the time to understand the cultural impact of new procedures and ensure that any recommendations fit the business context.

Our aim is to help you create a quality system that is an asset, rather than a disruption, and contributes measurably to the ongoing improvement of your lab.

Creating a system that meets the mark and works for you

For all its necessary process and documentation, every quality system is ultimately reliant upon the attitude and behaviour of the people who observe it.

Consequently our approach is based on detailed knowledge of ISO17025 requirements, but firmly rooted in their practical application.

We tailor our recommendations to your needs, working with your people to propose changes that are workable, and developing training materials that will win support.

Evidence is everything

ISO17025 is an audited standard and requires you to prove that your quality system is not only well designed, but is working.

Our experience in regulated markets, and our familiarity with information systems that are often impacted by ISO17025, gives us unique insight into achieving an accreditation that is practical and beneficial.

With a tailored approach to quality system design, and supporting materials and processes engineered by people with relevant experience, we can help you improve, and keep improving.

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