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Information Systems consulting for lab based or clinically driven life sciences companies.

Enabling science through technology improvement

As former scientists ourselves, our driving force is to make more time for science.

That means less time wasted on processes that are either inefficient or ineffective and more opportunities for improving the way we work through intelligent application of the best technologies.


45 Clients

Life Sciences, Material Science, Fast Moving Consumer Goods, Food and Petrol Chemicals


Worked in 10+ Countries

 UK, Europe, USA, Middle East, China


Team of 25 consultants


100+ Successful projects

Technology that works better for you

We are naturally enthusiastic advocates for technology, but we are also pragmatic by nature and understand the constraints and the challenges, be they regulatory, financial, or commercial.

As consultants we want to help you create systems that work for you. We’ll help you challenge the brief and the requirements with your team, with the aim of getting the best from technology vendors.

Our approach is wholly focused on establishing and fulfilling the real needs of your project. We haven’t got a rigid process, but we do have an immensely knowledgeable and experienced team. We’re always ready to adapt our approach to fit the circumstances and that flexibility is part of our commitment to the project.

Investing in the project and in the solution

We endeavour to make every engagement a partnership—there’s a lot of buy-in on our part and a real commitment to make every project succeed. To that extent we are always ready to take responsibility and to ‘own’ the issues, to resolve difficulties and keep projects on track.

Along the way, we will also look for improvements that stretch the project’s goals delivering additional benefit by identifying improvements beyond the project.

Allied to that and an automatic benefit in every project is the knowledge and experience your team will gain, working with us, transferring our knowledge and skills throughout the process.


SCIMCON was born out of a desire to improve lab IS systems to make more time for science. Its founding partners are Geoff Parker and Trevor De Silva, two former scientists whose enthusiasm for finding technology answers to the problems faced by working scientists led to the formation of the business, in 2000.

Scimcon today

While Scimcon has grown as a business, it has also grown its influence. Although it has maintained a focus on lab-based organisations, it has broadened its capabilities from lab and instrument systems to technology strategies. Through its consulting expertise and its science specialisation, Scimcon’s people continue to meet very real needs for guidance in design and implementation felt by increasingly technology-reliant organisations.

Management team

Trevor De Silva​

Co Founder​

Trevor provides commercial direction for the firm, guiding its growth and helping to maintain its reputation as a powerful partner to its customers.

Geoff Parker

Co-Founder and Principal Consultant

Geoff is a senior project leader with experience working on critical assignments for the biggest names in our profession, worldwide.
As Scimcon’s customer champion, he has overall responsibility/global oversight of all our projects, ensuring that our performance is of the quality and has the impact clients rightly expect.

Dave Sanders

Director of Operations and Project resourcing

Dave is a project sponsor whose ability to steer IS/IT projects with care and determination has won him the praise of lab-based companies of all kinds.
He is also responsible for Scimcon’s people, ensuring that we can field teams with the skills, and the support of the wider firm, to deliver great client outcomes.

Dave Sanders

Head of ePRO and eClinical Services

Core strength: The ability to drive multi-faceted programmes with diverse stakeholders while maintaining his reputation as one of the nicest people you will ever meet.

Dave has seen more Information systems implementations than most, having worked for two of the leading vendors. His experience includes directing projects in pharma, petrochem, biobank/clinical trials and FMCG.

Alison Poole

Head of Lab Informatics

Core strength: Gets the job done through successfully blending a delivery focused mindset, persistence and the ability to get the best out of project teams.

Alison has a wealth of experience as a consultant and on the major software vendor side, often working with large, complex and integrated systems with high data volumes.

A Business Information Technology graduate Alison has experience in telecommunications before transferring her skills to Lab Informatics.

Jon Fielding

eClinical Specialist

Core strength: Managing down software, project and users issues through use of detailed detective work and a well developed voice of the user.

Jon has worked for several of the leading ePRO and eClinical software vendors designing and implementing software solutions, managing international projects and specialising in complex project issue resolution.

Ashley Choglay PHD

Technical Specialist

Core strength: The ability to rapidly assimilate highly detailed workflows and business processes across clinical and laboratory domains.

Ashley has a valuable combination of scientific, laboratory and IT Skills. A Biochemistry PhD, Ashley spent several years as a scientist working on Collagen and Molecular Chaperone related projects. Acquiring a MSc in Information Technology provided Ashley with skills including Software Engineering, Java and Relational Database design.

Russell Hall

Business Analyst

Core strength: Instinctively navigating validation projects to deliver robust test plans backed by pragmatic risk assessments.

A graduate biochemist, Russell specialised in ‘Computer Aided Enzyme Kinetics’ and ‘Development of HPLC techniques’ during his degree before joining HFL’s sports testing laboratory in 1984. As Russell’s career developed from a senior analyst through to laboratory supervisor his role increasingly involved championing laboratory requirements within large IS projects.  Russell’s hand on experience provides a unique insight into Scimcon’s projects.

Paul Burrell

Business Analyst

Core strength: Deep experience in information systems enables Paul to become proficient in new systems with minimum effort.

Paul started out as an analytical chemist initially for a government nutritional chemistry department, then in pesticides residues analysis. He has been involved with LIMS and instrument automation since the early 1990’s. Prior to joining Scimcon Paul spent seven years heading up a five-person LIMS development team, responsible for the development, deployment and support of a large scale multiple discipline system.

Cassandra Harris

Regulatory Specialist

Core strength: A quality focus that grounds Scimcon’s projects within a regulatory framework while leaving room for creative approaches.

Before joining Scimcon, Cassandra worked in quality assurance auditing for Genzyme, one of the world’s foremost biotechnology companies.

Prior to her quality assurance role, Cassandra spent several years in pharmaceutical quality control labs and as clinical laboratory manager for Dubai Equine Hospital, a state of the art veterinary establishment owned by Dubai royal family.

For more information, please contact one of the Scimcon team today

+44 (1638) 661 631

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