Navigating change successfully in the lab

Change is inevitable in the lab. Our infographic identifies the key considerations that are often missed when navigating change.

Change is both inevitable and constant in the modern lab – evolving regulatory requirements demand greater analytical sensitivity or more rigorous reporting; new instruments are launched to tackle increasing analytical problems faced by scientists; and digital transformation is now considered a necessary step for labs processing and communicating huge amounts of data between systems and software.

Despite its importance, change can be daunting for scientists. Change management is crucial to implementing meaningful and successful change, yet it is often neglected or not applied in full across the lab.

Our infographic highlights the key considerations labs should take when embarking on change, and how to ensure that change is managed successfully across all facets of the lab environment.

Scimcon describes key change management factors for lab managers to consider when undertaking an informatics software implementation.

For more recommendations about how to successfully manage change in an informatics software project, visit our blog: Breaking the change management mould – leading successful laboratory information system projects and digital transformations – Scimcon

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