Outsourcing a remote LIMS validation

Validating a LIMS implementation remotely is no mean feat. Our new video outlines how we supported the team at UK-EACL in leading a successful remote validation.

We’ve recently worked with Scott Stanley, Director of the University of Kentucky Equine Analytical Chemistry Lab (UK-EACL), to support him with the launch of his new lab.

Launching a LIMS implementation and validation can be a complex process at the best of times, but when the COVID-19 pandemic meant that the team at UK-EACL had to perform the validation remotely, Scimcon were on hand to guide the process and successfully finalise the implementation.

We recently spoke to Scott about his experience opening the lab and launching his new IS strategy, and you can catch up on some of our main conversations in our video here:

To catch up on the full conversation with Scott, read our blog.

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