Scientific Information Management Consultancy


Before joining Scimcon Geoff worked for Thermo LabSystems, and earlier still as a technical chemist and for a technology company.

Consultant – 13 years
Global customer support, project leadership with special expertise in IS requirements and knowledge management. Author of numerous published articles and guest speaker at international conferences

In the lab – 8 years
Technical detergent chemist

Geoff Parker, Project Lead

“Shouldn’t it be the aim of any system for its functions to be practically invisible, its operation subliminal, and its explanation impossible?”

Technology can do more than you think, but while there are unending possibilities, everything has a price – either in development time, trading one function with another, or adding complexity in the name of convenience.

I see it as our job to help clients make the best decisions. In the interests of the business as well as the people using the system, I will always tend toward making it as good as can be, but that often creates tension between the client’s requirements list and the technology implementers.

“Clients need to have someone batting for their side to create a useable system.”

Technology companies prefer to make life easier –– often for good reason, as simpler is frequently better. But I will vigorously defend clients if the technology implementers suggest a simplification for their own convenience rather than for the long-term good of the project.

It’s important to me as a consultant to work in the service of the client, rather than the technology company – even though it is often at the vendor’s invitation that I am present. That may seem contradictory, but there is no better way to build a solid relationship with the client. That works well for the vendor too, because it creates trust.

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