Scientific Information Management Consultancy


Dave has seen more Information Systems implementations than most, having worked for two of the leading vendors. His experience includes directing projects in pharma, petrochem, biobank/clinical trials and FMCG.

Consultant – 12 years
Project Management for LIMS implementations
Conducting and leading requirements gathering workshops
Preparation of all project related documentation
Leading development teams in providing solutions to customers

Dave Sanders, MSc – Project Lead

“The vital skill is to learn how to build not systems, but relationships.”

The traditional project management approach is to focus on the three aims of time, budget and scope, but we always look wider.

We define success by how well received the finished system proves to be. The last thing you want is people going off and doing their own thing, when you’ve spent all this time and money on a system for them.

The only way to be sure of success is to work with people on the team to deliver a project they ‘own’. That doesn’t mean automatically doing everything that’s asked, but helping everyone to understand what is or is not possible, however desirable, and working towards a system that will be used, because they have had a hand in its implementation.

Getting everyone on-board the bus that you’re driving is harder in some countries than others. Some cultures accept and expect a straightforward approach, but in others more care and time is needed to gain support for proposals. Working globally makes you analyse your own behaviour and tailor it appropriately.

“Our value to clients is in our ability to help them create the best system for them. In the process we transfer knowledge and experience.”

Scimcon is quite a team-oriented organisation. We help one another a lot and although the work is diverse there’s often someone who’s seen something you haven’t.

The experience we’ve built up over years is unique, I think, as individuals and as a team.

That knowledge has a value for clients as it can help them better understand what solutions are out there, as well as the best ways to go about implementing them to achieve their aims.

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