Scientific Information Management Consultancy

Exploring the art of the possible

“Our work is similar to creative work, where the objective of any project is to make it as good it possibly can be.”

Although not exactly a creative process, we do follow a pattern to make sure each project succeeds. We are a sociable lot, and try to make projects as interactive as possible – building a project team that analyses, creates, refines, tests and celebrates success together.

Asking the right questions of the right people

Every project needs a project team. When we’re leading it, we aim to recruit people from your organization to the project who know how your lab works and can explain the details clearly. With the right people on the team you can build support and momentum.

As consultants with in-depth experience in this arena, we bring a wealth of understanding of labs and software. Our knowledge encompasses the many constraints, but also the possibilities presented by the technology and the regulatory environment.

We use our knowledge and experience to interrogate the team’s observations and conclusions. We’ll also challenge preconceptions and open the door to new ideas and opportunities.

Stretching ideas

The output of our initial discussions with the team is either a list of requirements, or a validated list if one already exists.

We’ll reflect on what has been said and develop a visual outline of the system – a sketched blueprint to see if we have understood your requirements correctly.


Presentations of the outline tend to generate as much debate as the first meetings, as we draw the team together to challenge and build on the ideas and proposals we have made.

Translation and development

As intermediaries between the lab and the software developers, Scimcon’s consultants serve two vital functions in the process of developing the system.

Firstly, we ensure that those implementing the software fully understand the requirements. Very often the technical team will not be as familiar with the lab or its workflows. It saves a lot of time if consultants, familiar with both labs and software can assist the technical team translating requirements and explaining the importance and interdependence of processes.
Secondly, in considering the possible solutions, there are very often many alternative approaches. As consultants for the lab, we defend the labs interests and ensure that priorities are maintained and the best solutions are found, even if they may at times not be the easiest from the implementer’s point of view.

Road testing

The first opportunity to trial the system is an exciting moment, but it should be approached with tough-minded attitude.

Does the system work as you intended? Does it work as you desired?

We guide your team through a programme of testing with samples to encompass the many processes the live system will need to accommodate.

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