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Careers in our consultancy

Scimcon is recruiting talented individuals for immediate project work

Great work creates good relationships, built on trust, breeding reliance.

And that means our clients always want more of us.

So more of us there must be.

We’re actively recruiting across all relevant areas of expertise, to make our little team a little larger.

If you like the idea of working in a niche consulting company with more responsibility, the opportunity to be hands-on in detailed projects and the chance to see your work make a real difference to clients read on…

Be a big part of
a small company
Of course we need your
expertise and experience…
…But what we’re really looking
for is attitude and aspiration
Small, but with surprising



Be a big part of a small company

Scimcon is a niche company with very specific expertise. We’re not the largest consultancy, nor are we likely to be in the FastTrack100. But our size belies our impact.

In the first place we’re able to get close to our clients, unfettered by the process and procedures that obstruct larger consulting firms. We enjoy a degree of freedom in how we run projects, as a team, or as individuals.

We all know our area and the whole team is committed to solving clients’ problems, but not in a rigid way. We like to think differently, to be flexible in developing solutions, and to support one another throughout.

If empowerment sounds appealing, or having few constraints, and being able to make a difference to clients, you may like being part of Scimcon.

Of course we need your expertise and experience…

We’re looking for the right people to expand our capacity in all areas of our business.

Whatever the role, we rely on everyone having clear understanding and experience of the full range of lab software systems, including:

  • Electronic lab notebooks
  • LIMS
  • Chromatography data systems
  • Clinical trials management software

Project leads
The basic requirement is to have hands-on project leadership experience in implementing laboratory software systems.

We like our project leads to interrogate assumptions, opinions and experiences to gain a clear understanding of client needs now and for the future.

You should be comfortable leading user workshops, and confident challenging requirements to uncover the insights that improve the system.

Then, as you design the system you should be able to maintain some flexibility to be able to fine-tune following live demonstrations and road testing.

Being able to accommodate change and the demands of the lab, our project leaders ensure that each aspect of a project is carefully fitted to the needs of its users, supported by them, and delivers long-term value for the customer.

Read more about our project leadership approach.

Ideally you will have experience in regulated pharmaceutical environments, understanding the rigours of that world.

You should understand and have experience of managing the whole process, implementing policies and procedures to meet regulatory demands, including remedial work and longer term risk assessment.

Read more about the approach taken by one of our QA specialists.

Technical implementation
You should have a detailed understanding of typical lab software systems and plenty of hands-on experience in implementation.

Ideally you will have gained that expertise in the lab, as a seasoned professional. We find that our consultants are the better for lab experience, and better able to quickly understand the problems clients describe and find appropriate ways to solve them.

Read more about our approach to technical implementation.

Systems validation
The secret of successful and painless validation is in really knowing the software and the regulatory environment.

You should have detailed experience of both. And instinctively know how to test the system performance.

Ideally you’ll be inclined to writing test scripts that save time and effort for the client and validate systems as efficiently as possible.

We’ve developed a particular skill at validating systems which is worth reading about.

…But what we’re really looking for is attitude and aspiration

Recruit attitude, teach process. That’s the number one rule we observe when adding new people to our team.

Of course we expect some experience and ideally a slab of lab history, but the key qualities are individual ability and commitment.

Our consultants make the job what they want it to be, they are individualists. It’s a distinct advantage of the smaller consultancy that the space exists to drive the job your own way, and we encourage it.

Our experts are also leaders. They grow in confidence and in ability to build support with their clients, to get people on-side – giving clients answers, recommendations rather than questions.

We have tried to create a supportive environment that aids encourages our people to challenge their approach and seek new ways to solve old problems. We’re looking for people who respond to that freedom finding in it more opportunity to grow.

Small, but with surprising opportunities

Where could working with Scimcon take you?

Obviously it could take you all over the world, since we divide our time between home and our clients’ sites.

In the last two years we’ve been on-site in the USA (east coast, west coast and mid west), China, UAE, Egypt, Brazil, Taiwan, and most of Europe (Belgium, Denmark, Eire, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Scandinavia, Switzerland, UK).

But there’s more than the travel.

We’re a niche consultancy made up of hard working individuals with specific expertise. We support one another and deliver great work.

Unlike bigger consultancies you get closer to the client here. It helps you grow, developing your professional skills and giving you more experience than you might find elsewhere.

Ultimately we’re here to make successful career experts in this field. We’re not likely to grow wildly, but sustainably, retaining all the good aspects of a close knit team of professionals.

We don’t have a fixed structure. You can take on as much responsibility as you like, knowing that all the while the senior team will be there to help guide you and provide support. We freely share our knowledge and experience to aid everyone’s development in the team.


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